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A Warm AFBA Welcome to Caya House: An Oasis of Flavors in Aruba

As the Association for Food & Beverage Apps (AFBA), we’re excited to introduce our newest member: Caya House, Aruba's gastronomic gem. While many of our community members and readers are avid food enthusiasts, we understand some might be new to Caya House's unique offerings. Here’s a closer look into what awaits you:

Caya House’s Food Philosophy:

Nestled in a hidden Aruban street where the lush tropics intersect the stark beauty of the desert, the Caya House stands as a testament to the seamless blending of old and new. What once was a traditional Aruban "Cunucu" house is now a beacon of modern culinary delights while retaining its rustic charm.

The ambiance? Distinct and comforting. The cuisine? Authentic to its core. With an avid commitment to quality, Caya House ensures every dish and drink reflects impeccable craftsmanship.

Experience More at The Beloved Haven:

Beyond being a hub for gastronomical wonders, Caya House offers ‘The Beloved Haven’ - a concept that transcends your typical dining expectations. It’s not just about the food; it's an experience. Imagine an evening where each moment is punctuated with live artistry, be it through live performances or the electrifying beats of resident DJs.

In this setting, sophistication isn’t just an attribute; it’s the norm. The meticulous art of mixology converges with avant-garde cuisine, ensuring every sense is tantalized. The ambiance? Think exclusive. Think memorable.

Final Thoughts:

Caya House is more than just a restaurant; it's a culmination of traditions, innovations, and experiences. With its addition to the AFBA family, we anticipate our community will be enriched with more flavors, stories, and memories.

So, to those in Aruba or those planning a visit: don’t miss out on this oasis of flavors. Welcome aboard, Caya House. For more information on Caya House visit


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