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A Warm Welcome to Dolce Express: Bringing a Taste of Italy to Aruba’s Palm Beach

In the vibrant heart of Aruba's Palm Beach area, a new culinary star is born, ready to satisfy your deepest pasta cravings with a twist of convenience and flavor. Dolce Express Pasta-To-Go is not just a restaurant; it's a promise of a quick, delectable pasta experience that you can enjoy without stepping away from your sun-soaked adventures or busy life. As AFBA, we are thrilled to roll out the red carpet for Dolce Express, a gem that shines brightly in our community with its unique pasta-to-go concept.

Seamless Online Ordering: Your Pasta, Your Way

Gone are the days of waiting in line for a table or pondering over extensive menus. Dolce Express has simplified the art of dining with its user-friendly online ordering system. A few clicks at “Order Now,” and you’re on your way to a culinary journey through Italy, tailored just for you. Whether you’re craving the comfort of classic spaghetti or the robust flavors of a hearty penne, Dolce Express ensures your meal is hot, fresh, and exactly to your liking.

The First of Its Kind in Aruba

Pioneering the Pasta-To-Go niche in Aruba, Dolce Express stands out as the first and only fast-food option dedicated to dishing out pasta perfection. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality and speed, ensuring that no one has to compromise on taste for the sake of convenience. For those of us who can't get enough of good food but are often strapped for time, Dolce Express is a dream come true.

Fresh Ingredients, Homely Goodness

At the core of Dolce Express’s menu is a belief in simplicity and freshness. Their pasta is a daily homage to authenticity, paired with homemade sauces that speak the language of comfort and taste. Whether you lean towards a tangy marinara or a silky Alfredo, each dish is a straightforward celebration of flavors that remind you of home.

Dolce Express: Where Convenience Meets Delight

Dolce Express Pasta-To-Go is more than a restaurant; it’s a movement towards embracing the fast-paced lifestyle without sacrificing the essence of a good meal. It's for the local in search of a quick yet satisfying lunch break, the tourist eager to sample the culinary brilliance of Aruba, and everyone in between.

As the newest member of the AFBA family, Dolce Express adds a flavorful note to our diverse culinary landscape. It stands as a beacon for innovation, quality, and convenience, embodying the spirit of Aruba's hospitality and love for food.

So, to the fantastic team behind Dolce Express, welcome! Your passion for bringing the joy of Italian pasta to our shores is a culinary adventure we’re all excited to embark on. Here's to many delicious moments ahead, shared over bowls of pasta that bring a taste of Italy to our beautiful Aruba.

Buon appetito, and welcome aboard! For more information on Dolce Express visit their website at


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