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AFBA and OAA Collaborate to Nurture the Future of Aruba’s Food & Beverage Industry

The Aruba Food & Beverage Association (AFBA) is excited to announce its collaboration with Openbare Avondleergangen Aruba (OAA) to launch an innovative work and education program, blending practical experience with a structured learning pathway.

Program Highlights:

This program offers a practical approach, with 80% work and 20% study. Participants will be actively engaged in working for 39 hours a week at one of AFBA member establishments while dedicating 6 hours a week to in-person classes.

Digital & Self-Paced: OAA has integrated a modern approach, making the program entirely digital and allowing participants to learn at their own pace.

Duration & Employment Opportunities: Typically spanning 1 year, the program ensures that upon completion, participants can be considered for employment at the establishments where they've trained.

Who is it For?

This program is designed for individuals aged 17 and above, particularly those keen on enhancing their skills and knowledge. It's also tailored for those aiming to transition into the F&B sector.


The primary aim of this initiative is to usher new talent into the F&B, equipping them with hands-on training and critical industry knowledge. This is in line with AFBA's overarching mission: "Nurturing the Future of Food and Beverage through Education." An added objective is to address the labor shortage currently being experienced in Aruba.

Exclusive Benefits for AFBA Members:

Members interested in this program have the unique opportunity to employ a motivated participant during their training period. This initiative's pilot phase will prioritize AFBA members, after this it will be made accessible to businesses outside the association.

About the Curriculum:

Named "Assistent Horeca, Voeding of Voedingsindustrie Crebonummer 25742," the program covers various sectors such as the food industry, hospitality, bread and pastry, and retail/wholesale. Participants will gain experience across diverse business settings and will be trained in crucial aspects like hygiene, attention to perishable goods, and workplace cleanliness.

Program Details:

Class Timing: 6:15-9:30 PM, twice a week

Level: Entry

Duration: Roughly 1-1.5 years

Program Cost: AWG 1300,-

For an in-depth understanding of the program and more details, please visit the official OAA page at Assistent Horeca, Voeding of Voedingsindustrie Crebonummer 25742 – Openbare Avondleergangen Aruba & Leerwerktraject Aruba (

Together, AFBA and OAA aspire to make a lasting impact on Aruba's F&B industry, cultivating a new generation of skilled and enthusiastic professionals. Join us in this transformative journey!

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