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Aruba Certification Program: Elevating Culinary Expertise through Excellence

Embarking on a transformative endeavor, the Aruba Certification Program, in collaboration with Openbare Avondleergangen (OAA) and Aruba Food & Beverage Association (AF&BA), introduces an innovative Beroepsbegeleidende Leerweg (BBL) pilot project. Tailored for aspiring professionals, this initiative focuses on the entry-level education of “Assistent horeca, voeding of voedingsindustrie” (crebo no. 25742).

Unveiling the Significance of BBL:

In this unique pilot project, participants are immersed in a structured MBO learning format. Two days of theoretical instruction are complemented by four days of hands-on experiential learning. This strategic blend not only imparts knowledge but cultivates a profound understanding of the intricacies within the chosen field.

A Deep Dive into the Educational Framework:

The “Assistent horeca, voeding of voedingsindustrie” program, set at MBO level 1 (ABO 1), goes beyond conventional classroom instruction. It encompasses a comprehensive curriculum comprising generic subjects, foundational profiles, practical assessments (Proeve van Bekwaamheid/ BPV), and optional modules for specialized learning.

The Versatility of the Culinary Professional:

Participants in the program are poised to navigate diverse sectors, including food production, hospitality, fresh retail, etc. From fine-dining establishments to fast-service enterprises, they are equipped to thrive in an array of dynamic settings.

Practical Immersion for Real-world Proficiency:

A pivotal component of the program is the Business Practice Period (BPV), where participants seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge into practical application. This immersive experience ensures they not only comprehend industry nuances but are adept at their application in real-world scenarios.

Crafting Culinary Excellence:

The “Assistent horeca, voeding of voedingsindustrie” emerges not merely as a support figure but as an integral part of the culinary creation process. Whether in a bustling kitchen or an artisanal bakery, their role extends beyond assistance—it is about contributing to the artistry of gastronomy.

Celebrating Graduation and Commencing Practical Endeavors:

As these graduates embark on the practical phase of their culinary journey, we applaud their commitment and highlight the additional cultural insights gained during the 9-week program by Aruba Excellence Foundation. Topics covered include Aruba's nature and people, culture, national symbols, intercultural perception, political structure, tourism, characteristics, warm service, sustainable development, and industrial history. The combination of these cultural elements with culinary skills positions them as well-rounded professionals ready to make a significant impact in the food and beverage sector. On November 1st, participants received their certification, marking the completion of the theoretical phase.

Moving to the Practical Phase:

For the next 12 months, participants will be immersed in the practical phase of the program, gaining hands-on experience at renowned establishments such as Aruba Wine and Dine Hospitality Group, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Driftwood Restaurant, Dushi Hospitality Group, La Cabana Beach Resort Aruba, Linda's Dutch Pancakes, and Peanuts Restaurant.

A Culinary Odyssey Awaits:

Over the ensuing year, these culinary enthusiasts will undergo a diverse range of experiences across various kitchens, honing their skills as outlined in the program. This period not only signifies a job but also a profound journey of professional growth and culinary mastery.

Acknowledging the Culinary Pioneers:

As these aspiring culinary professionals embark on this enriching journey, we commend their dedication, applaud their accomplishments, and anticipate the culinary excellence they will undoubtedly contribute to the industry. We congratulate them on their achievements and express gratitude to Aruba Excellence Foundation and OAA for this transformative initiative. Cheers to the participants as they embark on the next level of their careers! 🎓🍽️


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