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Welcome Kokoa Restaurant & Bar to the AFBA Community!

A New Culinary Gem on Eagle Beach

Imagine the simple pleasure of dining with your toes embraced by the soft sands of Eagle Beach, the clear blue Caribbean waters stretching out before you, all under the mesmerizing hue of an Aruba sunset. We're thrilled to introduce Kokoa Restaurant & Bar as a new member of AFBA. This establishment isn't just another eatery; it's an all-day experience that resonates from sun-up to well past sunset.

Relish Beachside Elegance

With Kokoa Restaurant & Bar, every meal is an occasion. Be it a sunrise breakfast or a sunset dinner, their diverse offerings ensure there's always a reason to stop by. The location is nothing short of spectacular. Dine on their scenic deck overlooking the vast ocean or opt for a more personal touch, with seating right on the beach.

When Nature Meets Culinary Expertise

Their menu is a harmonious blend of flavors, painstakingly put together by seasoned chefs. Here, every dish stands out, presenting more than just food, but an experience. From seafood lovers to steak aficionados, there’s something to satiate all cravings, with the focus firmly on quality and presentation.

Drinks That Elevate the Experience

What’s a beachside meal without the perfect drink? Kokoa has it all. From a wide range of wines to imaginative cocktails, they ensure your drink complements the tropical vibe perfectly.

A Culinary Destination to Remember

In essence, Kokoa Restaurant & Bar isn't just a dining venue; it's where food artistry and nature's splendor unite. Be it for the savory dishes, the crafted drinks, or the captivating sunsets, a visit to Kokoa is an experience to cherish. We're proud to have them as a part of the AFBA community and look forward to many more memorable moments.


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