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Aruba Tourism Authority and AFBA Embrace the Essence of Hospitality: A Recap of the Conference

In the pristine setting of the World Tourism Day conference, the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) gave an inspiring insight into its future aspirations. ATA delineated its robust intent to collaborate across various sectors, particularly emphasizing the food and beverage sector. Their presentation echoed the sentiment, "Hospitality is genuinely about feeling seen."

But what does it mean to "feel seen" in the world of hospitality?

Deciphering the Depths of Hospitality

The restaurant experience has evolved to be more than just the ambiance and the aesthetics. From a la carte to tasting menus, establishments are now aiming for an intimate experience for fewer guests. This approach allows for a focused connection, ensuring every guest feels valued and understood. By isolating every moment of interaction, it's possible to tailor a sublime experience that resonates with each individual.

A surprising insight from the conference was the simple fact that patrons tipped more generously when presented with a mint alongside their check. This demonstrates the power of minor details and the impact they can have on the overall experience. After all, at the heart of hospitality is the commitment to make each guest feel uniquely valued.

This perspective aligns seamlessly with the idea that elements like wine and food are just part of the hospitality recipe. An unexpected interruption during a meal, if done right, can catalyze interactions and connections among guests.

Enter The Hospitality Maestro: Will Guidara

No discussion about hospitality would be complete without mentioning Will Guidara. Best known for his instrumental role in steering New York City’s Eleven Madison Park to its zenith on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017, Guidara introduced the world to his philosophy of “unreasonable hospitality”. His recent book, "Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect," offers a blueprint for exceeding expectations in service industries.

Among the myriad of lessons Guidara offers, here are five highlights that can revolutionize business operations:

1. Universal Application of Hospitality: Guidara believes hospitality is the secret ingredient that can catalyze success across various industries.

2. Audacious Goal Setting: Sharing ambitious objectives with the team can drive collective momentum towards unparalleled achievements.

3. The Rule of 95/5: While fiscal prudence is essential, Guidara advises spending 5% 'foolishly' on enhancing guest experience.

4. Acknowledgment and Credit: Elevating others can pave the way for collective success.

5. Diverse Inspiration: Sometimes, the most profound insights come from unexpected places.

The conference was an enriching experience, combining the visionary plans of the Aruba World Tourism Authority with the invaluable wisdom of Will Guidara. As we move forward, the ethos of "unreasonable hospitality" promises to redefine the contours of our industry.

Let's progress, armed with the daily insights we gather from the F&B industry, and raise a glass to reshaping this sector in Aruba! 🥂


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