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Boost Your Business with the MyAruba App

Have You Heard of the MyAruba App?

Aruba, renowned for its white sandy beaches and azure waters, is a destination that attracts countless travelers every year. Ensuring that visitors get the best experience during their stay is paramount, and technology plays a crucial role in this modern age. Enter the MyAruba app (by ATA) – a gateway for tourists to explore our beautiful island digitally.

Diverse Categories to Explore

The app isn't just a plain directory; it's categorized for a seamless user experience. Visitors can explore sections such as:

Eat: For culinary enthusiasts seeking Aruba's best dining spots.

Tours: For adventurers eager to explore every nook and cranny.

Stay: To find the best accommodations, from cozy inns to luxurious resorts.

Beach: Because who visits Aruba without soaking up some sun on our iconic beaches?

Already Registered? Here's a Reminder

For businesses that have already paved their digital path on the MyAruba app, it's a gentle reminder to ensure all the information provided is current and accurate. The ever-evolving digital space requires regular updates, and an up-to-date profile enhances the user experience.

Distribution Policy and More Insights

For those keen on understanding more about how the content gets distributed on the app and its guidelines, we've got you covered. Below there's a link to the Distribution Policy for It's a comprehensive document that should answer most of your questions.

Download and Discover

For those yet to explore the MyAruba app, it's available for download on the Google Play Store.

In closing, AFBA, in collaboration with the Aruba Tourism Authority, encourages every business to harness the potential of the MyAruba app. Here's to the beautiful blend of business, tourism, and technology on our paradise island!


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