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Crisp Matters: The Undeniable Importance of Crispy Fries

There's no denying the appeal of perfectly crispy fries, but have you ever stopped to ponder if your fries are truly living up to that golden standard? The evolution of 'crispiness' has been quite remarkable, and parallelly, customer expectations have soared.

In-depth research has unveiled an intriguing fact: Crispiness is the ultimate deciding factor for guests when it comes to fries. Surprisingly, this attribute even trumps temperature!* This essentially translates to one undeniable truth: The crunchier your fries, the higher the satisfaction quotient of your guests.

Why Should You Opt for Extra Crispy Fries?

Prolonged Crunch Time: These fries maintain their crispy texture for an impressive 30 minutes*. This ensures that your guests enjoy a consistent taste experience, whether they're dining in, picking up from a drive-thru, getting take-out, or opting for delivery.

Perfect for Creative Recipes: Extra crispy fries are the perfect canvas for those gourmet topped and loaded recipes. With the ability to bear the weight and moisture of saucy toppings, there’s no need to fret about them losing their signature crunch.

Echoing our findings, a study from Lamb Weston further reinforces the prominence of crispiness as the primary factor influencing guest preference, surpassing even temperature!*

So, the next time you serve a plate of fries, remember - every crunch counts. It's time to level up and ensure that each fry is not just a side dish but an experience of its own. Because when it comes to fries, crispy isn't just a texture; it's a promise.


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