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Empowering Culinary Dreams: Anthony's Inspiring Path to Becoming a Chef

At the Aruba Food and Beverage Association (AFBA), we're committed to nurturing the next generation of culinary talent. Meet Anthony, a bright student enrolled in the "Bereoepsbegeleidende Leerweg" of the Certification Program, a collaboration between AFBA, Openbare Avondleergangen Aruba (OAA), and esteemed establishments like Hadicurari Restaurant. Join us as we dive into Anthony's inspiring journey towards realizing his dream of becoming a chef.

Anthony's Apprenticeship at Hadicurari

A Testament to Dedication and Skill

Under the mentorship of Chef Rigon, Anthony embarked on his culinary journey at Hadicurari in November 2023. From mastering kitchen basics to honing his knife skills, Anthony's progress has been remarkable. Rigon praises Anthony's adeptness at prepping ingredients on a large scale and acknowledges his growth in all aspects of kitchen operations.

Progression and Culinary Mastery

From Prep Cook to Culinary Prodigy

As Anthony transitions from kitchen prep to cooking orders during dinner service, his passion for culinary arts shines brightly. Rigon's confidence in Anthony's abilities reflects the rigorous training provided by the Certification Program. Anthony's journey underscores the natural evolution from kitchen preparation to culinary execution.

Embracing Challenges and Growth

The Path to Culinary Excellence

In the dynamic environment of a restaurant kitchen, adaptability is key. Anthony's journey mirrors the progression from understanding ingredient flavors to executing diverse orders, including those with dietary restrictions. Rigon's mentorship emphasizes the importance of collaboration with suppliers and maintaining kitchen efficiency.

Recognizing Excellence and Initiative

A Vision for Future Leadership

Anthony's initiative and proactive approach to his work have not gone unnoticed. Rigon commends Anthony's devotion to sanitation standards and efficient preparation methods. With graduation approaching in November 2024, Anthony's potential for leadership within the culinary industry is undeniable.

Inspiring the Next Generation

A Legacy of Mentorship and Growth

Rigon's journey from apprentice to head chef serves as a source of inspiration for Anthony and aspiring chefs alike. His advice to explore diverse culinary environments echoes AFBA's commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the industry. Anthony's passion for this industry fuels his ambition to follow in Rigon's footsteps.

Culinary Dreams Realized

As Anthony's journey at Hadicurari unfolds, AFBA celebrates his achievements and the transformative power of culinary education. Through partnerships with esteemed establishments and mentorship programs, AFBA continues to empower aspiring chefs like Anthony to realize their full potential. With dedication, passion, and mentorship, culinary dreams truly come to life.


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