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Gear Up for the High Season with an Expert Wine Course! 🍷

The high season is on the horizon, and what sets an establishment apart is not just what's on the menu, but the knowledge and expertise behind it. As the saying goes, "Knowledge is power," and in the hospitality business, it's also the key to increased sales and happier customers. And if we're talking about wine – a product often considered intricate and personal – knowledge is indispensable.

We, at AFBA, are excited to announce a unique opportunity, made possible by one of our esteemed members, the Wine Room. Designed to elevate your establishment’s service and understanding of wines, this course is a fantastic way for your staff to become true wine connoisseurs.

Course Details:

Date: Every Saturday in October 2023, 10 am - 1 pm.

7th October: The Basics of Wine Class - Delve into the rich history of wine, the nuances of different grapes, and the elegance of wine etiquette.

14th October: Wine Tasting - Experience and learn from an in-depth tasting of 8 popular wines, understanding their unique profiles and stories.

21st October: Wine & Food Pairing - Discover the art and science of pairing wines with food, ensuring every meal is a symphony of flavors.

28th October: Wine Sales - Learn the subtleties of presenting, explaining, and role-playing wine sales, ensuring your guests feel confident and intrigued by your wine selection.

What’s Included?

1. Comprehensive training materials.

2. Certification upon completion.

3. A light breakfast, accompanied by coffee, tea, and other refreshments to keep participants energized.

The course price is set at an investment of 875 florins per person. Space is limited to ensure personal attention and interaction. There are only 16 opening slots for participants. If you're keen to give your team the edge this high season, be sure to reserve your spots soon. The deadline for reservations is the 6th of October.

For additional information, please contact Monrick Croes at 7370019 or email him at

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your team's wine knowledge, enhancing the dining experience for your guests and boosting your wine sales throughout the high season. Cheers to a season of knowledge and success!


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