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Navigating the SVB Site Visitations: A Comprehensive Overview

In a pivotal meeting held on November 28, 2023, between key representatives of the Aruba Food & Beverage Association (AFBA) and Social Insurance Bank (SVB), crucial insights and guidelines were discussed regarding SVB's forthcoming visits to AFBA member establishments. The meeting aimed to shed light on SVB's legal authority, procedures during visitations, and key considerations for business owners in Aruba.

Meeting Overview: Attended by Christian Diaz and Marieta Tromp from SVB, alongside Stefan Legger and Miriam Dabian from AFBA, the meeting served as a platform for open communication and collaboration between these two integral entities.

SVB's Legal Authority: SVB emphasized its legal authority to inspect establishments, ensuring that the number of employees is accurately registered. The consequences of non-cooperation were highlighted, with the ability to involve the police in case of resistance. SVB's procedure involves a swift visit, typically lasting less than 30 minutes, where they verify employee registrations by checking IDs.

Operational Considerations: SVB representatives clarified their objective to minimize disruption during visitations. They requested space within establishments to conduct their duties, choosing optimal times during working hours to observe as many employees as possible.

Documentation and Identification: SVB representatives carry badges for identification purposes, including one from the special police (BOA) and another granting access to various government instances. They expressed their willingness to provide information to employees during visitations.

Compliance and Penalties: Special attention was given to compliance within holding companies and businesses with multiple establishments. Penalties for non-compliance ranged from 75 AWG to 2,500 AWG, depending on the nature of the violation.

Digital Registration and App Usage: SVB highlighted the user-friendly nature of their app and online registration systems. Stressing the importance of timely registration, they pointed out that accidents before employee registration would not be covered.

Employee Reporting and Seminar Proposal: AFBA raised concerns and proposed a seminar to educate members on payments, control visitations, and employee registration. The seminar, scheduled for the end of January, aims to enhance understanding and cooperation. AFBA suggested inviting professionals in accounting and HR to provide additional insights.

Conclusion: As Aruba's business landscape evolves, the AFBA-SVB meeting underscores the importance of proactive compliance and communication. The forthcoming seminar promises to be a valuable resource for AFBA members, offering insights into key aspects of SVB visitations. Stay tuned for further updates as AFBA continues to advocate for the interests of Aruba's business community.


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