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Reflecting on 2023: AFBA's Transformations and Forward Strategies

As the holiday season unfolds and 2023 comes to a close, the Aruba Food and Beverage Association takes a moment to reflect on a year marked by significant changes and accomplishments.

Rebranding and Website Renovation

A pivotal move in 2023 was AFBA's comprehensive rebranding initiative, accompanied by a complete overhaul of the association's website. The new website ensures clearer communication of AFBA's mission and values. AFBA stands for:

Representation: Safeguarding Member's Interests

·        Promotion: Promoting Active Participation in The Food & Beverage Industry

·        Education: Enhancing Standards in Our Sector

·        This rebranding aims to fortify AFBA's commitment to its members and the industry.

Strategic Communication and Growth

In the realm of communication, AFBA embraced a targeted email marketing approach, delivering relevant and engaging content about Aruba's Food and Beverage (F&B) sector. The newsletter achieved an impressive open rate of 20%, surpassing the set target. Simultaneously, AFBA's social media platforms experienced substantial growth, boasting a collective increase of over 38% in followers through carefully executed paid and organic campaigns. Within a mere three months, AFBA generated 10 new leads on potential members.

Welcoming Miriam Dabian as COO

AFBA welcomed Miriam Dabian as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) in November. Miriam brings with her a wealth of experience garnered during her tenure at the Aruba Tourism Authority. With her expertise, AFBA aspires to reach new heights in advancing the interests of the F&B industry.

AFBA's Enduring Mission

Since its inception in 1980, AFBA, formerly known as the Aruba Gastronomic Association, has been dedicated to protecting its members' interests, advocating for the F&B sector, and providing educational pathways. The association collaborates to foster a robust F&B landscape in Aruba.

Mission Statement

AFBA's mission is to foster the growth and sustainability of the F&B industry in Aruba, empowering its members through resources, support, and advocacy. The association aims to establish Aruba as a globally renowned destination for exceptional F&B experiences.

Vision Statement

AFBA envisions a future where the F&B industry in Aruba is sustainable, prosperous, and recognized as a vital contributor to the local economy.


Members' Benefits

AFBA provides a diverse range of benefits, creating a holistic support system for its members. From networking opportunities to educational resources, advocacy efforts, marketing support, and community engagement, each benefit is designed to contribute to the growth and success of individual businesses within the F&B industry.

Website and Social Media Engagement Strategies for 2024

AFBA's strategy for 2024 focuses on enhancing website engagement and maximizing the potential of social media channels. The website will feature fresh content, including monthly updates and a dedicated members' section for sharing success stories and news.

On social media, AFBA aims to foster community engagement, encouraging members to share experiences and success stories. Engaging videos showcasing special dishes and interactions between staff and customers will be created to provide an immersive experience.

Email Newsletter and Multi-Channel Communication

With a newsletter open rate exceeding 50%, AFBA plans to continue delivering exclusive content, industry insights, and highlights of board meetings. A dedicated WhatsApp group ensures prompt communication among members, fostering a collaborative environment.

Upcoming Events for 2024

Several key events are planned for 2024, including:

·        Forum with Dimas, DPL & SVB on January 23rd at 10 am La Cabana Beach Hotel: How to create Synergy between AFBA and the Governmental Labor Instances.

·        The General Assembly on March 26th: A productive and engaging session to update members on AFBA's progress, discuss industry matters, and gather feedback.

·        Job Fair on June 12th: A platform to connect members with potential employees and provide job opportunities.

·        Community Event in August: An event focused on strengthening AFBA's ties with the local community and showcasing the industry's positive impact.

·        Dinner: Auction pending to be announced.

As AFBA concludes 2023, it looks ahead with enthusiasm, committed to supporting its members and fostering the continued growth of Aruba's Food and Beverage industry.


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