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Tapping into Trends: Elevating Aruba’s Culinary Scene

Our mission is to safeguard the interests of our members, promote the vibrant Food & Beverage industry in Aruba, and provide education and training opportunities to professionals and aspiring students. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest culinary trends that are shaping the way we dine, both globally and locally.

Viral Culinary Creations: Spice Up Your Menu

In an era where a single social media post can dictate dining trends, restaurants are increasingly looking to viral culinary creations to captivate their audiences. Here are some exciting trends to consider:

  1. Plant-Based Revolution: Aruba’s culinary landscape is embracing plant-based options. From jackfruit tacos to beetroot burgers, chefs are reimagining classic dishes with a plant-powered twist.

  2. Fusion Flavors: Aruba’s multicultural heritage shines through in its cuisine. Fusion dishes that blend Caribbean, Dutch, and Latin American flavors are gaining popularity. Think jerk-spiced empanadas or coconut-infused risotto.

  3. Elevated Comfort Food: Comfort food doesn’t have to be basic. Chefs are elevating nostalgic favorites like mac ‘n’ cheese or fried chicken by using high-quality ingredients and creative presentations.

  4. Global Street Food: Aruba’s street food scene is a melting pot of flavors. Explore food trucks serving Korean BBQ tacos, Venezuelan arepas, and Indonesian satay.

  5. Sustainable Sourcing: Locally sourced ingredients are a priority. Highlight Aruba’s fresh seafood, organic produce, and artisanal products in your menu.

Member Spotlight

Discover the diverse restaurants that are part of our association:

  • Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana

  • Aquarius


  • Asi Es Mi Peru

  • Taste My Aruba

  • …and many more!


Aruba’s culinary scene is a canvas of creativity, blending tradition with innovation. As the Aruba Food & Beverage Association, we’re committed to celebrating flavors, fostering collaboration, and ensuring excellence in our sector. Bon appétit!


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