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Consumer Snacking Is Mindful, Not One-Size-Fits-All

Snacking Gets a Makeover: Healthier and More Personal

A recent report by Mondelēz International, a global snacking giant, reveals a fascinating trend: snacking is becoming more mindful. This shift goes beyond just grabbing a quick bite. Consumers around the world are now making conscious choices about their snacks, considering factors like health, taste, and personal preferences.

Mindful Munching on the Rise

The report, titled "State of Snacking 2022," highlights a global increase in snacking frequency. Busy lifestyles often mean fitting in smaller meals throughout the day, and snacks become an essential part of our routine.

The "Better-For-You" Boom

The good news? Consumers are increasingly drawn to healthy snack options. The global "better-for-you" snack market is experiencing significant growth, driven by a heightened awareness of health and wellness. This trend is evident around the world, with many opting for snacks that offer both taste and nutritional benefits.

Snacking is Personal

The report emphasizes that there's no single "right" way to snack.  Here are some of the factors influencing snacking preferences, beyond just health:

  • Budget: Cost-consciousness is a key consideration for many snackers.

  • Familiar Favorites: Brand recognition and established trust play a role in snack choices.

  • Plant-Powered Appeal: The rise of plant-based foods is making its way to snack shelves everywhere.

  • Sustainable Packaging: Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more important to consumers.

  • The Indulgence Factor: Let's face it, sometimes we just crave a treat! The report highlights that indulgent snacking is still very much alive and well. Consumers enjoy these treats mindfully, savoring the flavor and experience.

Turning Snacking Insights into Sales Success

So, how can foodservice businesses and retailers leverage this mindful snacking trend?

Malcolm McAlpine, a snack industry expert, advises operators to pay close attention to consumer data. This means understanding the demographics of your customer base and catering your offerings to their preferences.

Embrace the mindful snacking revolution! By understanding your customers' preferences and offering a variety of healthy and delicious options, you can take your snack sales to the next level.


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