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Show draftsKids are Calling the Shots: How to Attract Gen Alpha Diners

Forget the "I want chicken nuggets!" tantrums. Today's kids are influencing where families eat out, according to a new study. Here's what restaurants need to know to win over these mini foodies.

Healthy Options Rule

Gen Alpha, the generation born after 2013, is growing up with health-conscious parents. They want restaurants to offer fresh, natural ingredients and plant-based options. Think beyond chicken fingers and fries – highlight healthy choices on your menu.

Global Grub Gets Thumbs Up

Forget the usual kid's menu fare. These mini world travelers are curious about different cuisines. Take a cue from their parents' love of international flavors and offer globally inspired dishes. Think tacos alongside mac and cheese, or pad thai instead of spaghetti.

Tech Makes the Table Fun

Gen Alpha are digital natives. They expect restaurants to embrace technology too. Consider offering features like tablets for ordering or interactive games to keep them entertained while they wait.

Memories in the Making

Nostalgia sells! Just like their millennial parents, Gen Alpha might be drawn to familiar flavors from their childhood. Consider offering throwback treats or using popular brands as ingredients.

Building Brand Loyalty Early

Restaurants that cater to Gen Alpha's preferences now are building brand loyalty for the future. As these kids grow up, they'll remember the places that offered delicious food, fun experiences, and catered to their adventurous palates.

The future of the restaurant industry is sitting at the table, swiping on a tablet, and asking for more plant-based options. By understanding Gen Alpha's dining preferences, restaurants can position themselves to win over a whole new generation of loyal customers.


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