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Welcoming Miriam Dabian: Our New Chief Operating Officer

The Aruba Food & Beverage Association (AFBA) proudly announces the addition of Miriam Dabian to its leadership team as the new Chief Operating Officer. Miriam brings a wealth of experience and a stellar track record, having dedicated nearly four decades to the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) and various roles within the tourism sector.

Miriam commenced her career on International Women's Day, March 8, 1983, at A.T.A., where she held diverse positions and led numerous impactful projects. In a recent communication titled 'Closing Cycles,' Miriam reflected on her departure, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and self-reflection as she bids farewell to a fulfilling chapter spanning nearly 40 years.

Beginning her journey in Colombia, Miriam studied Hotel & Tourism Management and joined A.T.A. in Colombia after completing her studies in 1982. Her dedication led to her becoming the director in Colombia after four years. She later relocated to Aruba, serving for over a decade and establishing the Special Events Office. Her global perspective expanded during her five-year tenure as Deputy Marketing Director for A.T.A. worldwide.

Miriam's professional journey led her to Caracas, where she successfully managed Latin America and Venezuela for a decade, infusing creativity into a variety of projects. In response to the challenging environment in Venezuela, Miriam made the strategic move to Bogota, where she took on the responsibility of overseeing operations for the entire Latin American region. Her longstanding dream of consolidating Latin America under a single A.T.A. headquarters materialized after seven years of dedicated effort. Through the streamlining of strategies and messaging, Miriam established a cohesive and unified approach for the entire region.

Now retired, Miriam remains ambitious and has founded MD Marketing & Consultancy, aiming to assist companies in their growth endeavors in Latin America. Her journey intersected with AFBA, where she assumes the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officer.

Miriam envisions AFBA as a beacon of value for its members, advocating for their interests and inspiring the next generation of F&B professionals. Her global outlook includes positioning AFBA through strategic alliances with international associations, bringing fresh perspectives to the local landscape.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Miriam finds joy in decorating, cooking, and appreciating KDramas. AFBA warmly welcomes Miriam Dabian and looks forward to a future of shared success.

For inquiries, kindly contact Miriam Dabian at or via +297 748 2900. Welcome aboard, Miriam, and here's to a collaborative and prosperous journey together! 🌐🍽️


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